We are a small business who has gone though painstaking steps to present you with the most accurate portrayal of our Fine Art Prints and Canvases. ALL ORDERS are made to order and are Best In Class Current pricing on the website reflects a temporary -35% site wide price reduction. The standard 30x20" Canvases are now only $895 (vs $1,200). These prices will eventually return to their initial levels in the near future. Please order sooner rather than later, to take advantage of Mark's temporary 2007 pricing levels.
 Please Note: All Limited Edition Prints & Canvases are produced under the watchful eye of Mark, with over 40-years of Fine Art Imaging & Printing experience. Customers know that Mark rarely discounts his work, so if you see something you like, please purchase. Please Help Support the Arts and Small Business.
Your Monitor View vs Final Printed Art Issues
Because there are opposing light sources going on with buying anything
On-line, odds are the prints or canvas your purchase may look a little darker compared to what you see on your device or monitor. The reasons are two fold. #1: You are viewing a backlit light transmitted image, pushing the darker (all areas) brighter. #2: A print or canvas is viewed under the opposite...Reflective light source environment, where all areas absorb light, especially the darker areas, thus making it look darker than the backlit illuminated image on the website. This pertains to anything viewed on a computer, phone, tablet or television set. It's just plain physics. Regardless... what shows up at your door will be what Mark intended it to be.
Please allow 2-3 weeks to deliver your order. We will provide you with a tracking number so you can know when your order will arrive. In today's "Instant Everything World", producing Fine Art takes time. If you need a Special Gift and don't have enough lead time, please consider one of our Gift Certificates. It is an excellent option, where the recipient receives the Gift Card in the denomination you choose. They can then go to and pick out what they want. They can then apply the Gift Certificate to the Shopping Cart total upon Check Out. It is that easy! :)

Lastly, Please do not order if you can not receive a package. Meaning, if all you have is a mail slot (our products will not fit), and have no one to sign for a package, you should definitely should not order. You could have someone else order or ship to an address that can receive the order.