Mark J Harlow is a National Award Winning Nature - Wildlife Photographer from Minnesota. A self admitted "social hermit" for many years, Mark has not had a website On-Line for nearly 7-years. "I do what I do because I truly love Nature and Photography. I don't need (but appreciate) the recognition to keep going". 
Mark has been involved with photography since 1976 and the High End Imaging and Fine Art Printing Industries since 1983. He specialized working with critical color reproductions for many clients over those years. He has been photographing digitally since 2004. He is also a staunch Single Mode only photographer, meaning none of his photography is never taken with a Burst or Continuous Drive Mode. ALL images are a one click at a time, especially the action Wildlife action imagery. He never baits, or photographs "Backyard", Urban or Suburban subjects. All images shown required loading up the vehicle and going out into the wild & nature.
ALL WILDLIFE IS WILD, ALL IMAGE EVENTS HAPPENED NATURALLY. Image Editing is also done at minimum. No "AI" software, plug in's, automated actions, bulk editing, no Lightroom etc. are ever used. Strictly Photoshop's minimal adjustments...that's it! Most edits are done in under 30-seconds.
Please enjoy and appreciate Marks's Nature Photography for what it is...Simple, Elegant and REAL.