"Mark's extraordinary photographic artwork is a testimony to his ethics, his skill and presence. His insistence on capturing images of subjects in the wild, make these photos more than just images of wildlife...they are a presentation of Nature's truth."
Jon Young, Founder of Wilderness Awareness School
Duval, WA


 "If I had to describe Mark's work in two words, it would be Elegant Sophistication. What an amazingly talented photographer!"
Patrice - K - New York, NY


 "When it comes to Black & White Photography, the only other work in my home was Ansel Adams. Two 30" Canvases later, Mark has given me a renewed appreciation for the Black & White World. Mark's work should not take a back seat to anyone".
Richard - W, Minneapolis, MN


 "...Mark Harlow stands out as a real artist who relies on creativity as well as his technical expertise, to produce some of the most outstanding wildlife photography we at the National Eagle Center have ever seen. Mark does what few other will do - putting in the time to get that once in a Lifetime shot. It can easily be said that Mark Harlow is one of the premier nature photographers on the scene today. In fact, many of the images used by the National Eagle Center (as best examples of wild eagle photography), originated from Mark Harlow"
Jeff Worrell - Executive Director - National Eagle Center
Wabasha, MN


"Imagery so powerful, it seldom leaves your mind"

Michelle - T , Boston, MA

"... to call them "pictures" is like calling the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel a "painting", for they are truly works of art."
Tina Foster - Photographer, Writer - MN


We met Mark back in the Shingobee Gallery days while browsing the image racks. So many of
the images finding an emotional connection for us, too hard to choose. I can’t remember when
we bought our first image, I think it was on one of the early visits and then with others to follow
over the years. It was during those early visits that we began to know Mark as a friend, sharing
common interests in the natural world and photography.
I’ve been a casual photography hobbyist since the 35mm film days and then transitioning to
Digital. A lot of Mark’s images provoked a “How’d you get that?” question asked. Not
expecting much of response beyond what was needed to make a sale, instead, Mark was very
forthcoming in sharing the when, where, and how the image was captured, a tutorial as it
turned out.
In the years since Shingobee, we have added to our “Mark” collection, commissioned Mark to
print some of my images and shared conversations of what we’ve been up to in-between the
times we get together. Mark often would prod, “Try this, let’s look at your menu settings…”,
and offer critique where appropriate. In return I would prod Mark to be less reclusive, to share
his art, his extensive technical knowledge of the digital world and print making.
I’ve become a much better photographer with Mark’s help. Mark’s decision to offer the
opportunity to others to become more comfortable and proficient with their photography is a
natural progression of Mark’s Art, adding teaching to his portfolio.
Bob Frink,
Leech Lake, MN